Here’s What Happened

The few months past has shown me to be a neglectful blog owner. Not proud of it, and worst still – the first post update you see in months is me coming up with excuses once again. Two posts ago, I announced my return to blogging, writing and creating various content.

And then nothing happened.

Doubtlessly, there are groups and individuals that have been disappointed in the lack of content and correspondence. I have no excuses.
I chose to put academics above all else, seeing that it’s a prime chance to learn from the best in the region.


  • School life
    I don’t remember much outside of studying and clearing up the mess that was Semester 1 in school. Semester 2 was a lot better, but I still got a C+ that ‘neutralized’ my A’s and blemished my otherwise decent report. Devastating stuff.Also, I haven’t seen the second-hand bookstore/cart in awhile):
  • Termination of contract with GamersSphere
    My inactivity also caused me to be evicted from the writing team of GamersSphere, the first gaming news and editorial website I have been part of. Since then the site has branched out to cover other forms of media all things geek.I don’t see myself returning to the writing team or joining any other site anytime soon. Not until I have made improvements on my rusty and lacking writing skills, and being able to post regular content.



Summer’s here. School term ended 1 month ago with a few days to spare.
I could pick up work, but I’m doing a module over summer right now that greatly limits my employ-ability(is there such a word?). I’d probably take up an unpaid apprenticeship somewhere near, but I’d iron out the details as I go along; I’m not ready to give up on this thingamajig yet.

I’m not great at programming, writing, studying or even gaming.

But you bet I’m damn good at trying.

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