Games are (not) a waste of time.


Look at you. You’ve been sitting lazily at your computer since the start of the day, squandering away the fine daylights of Saturday morning to dwell within your virtual realm of fantasies. The way you look – that indifferent expression that only ever reacts to the situations on screen, slumped nonchalantly on your chair – wow, you really let yourself go.

And while you go about your daily activities; be it questing, fragging, 8-pooling or soloing mid – you might sometimes hear a voice asking you to stop. For some, it bellows down the hallways and you might even mistake it for a Thu’um. Other times, it may just be a headless voice inside your head. But either way, that voice is slowly losing its power over you as you sink deeper and deeper into the abyss. You simply don’t care anymore – this is what you want to do; and this is how its going to be.

But you don’t want to be a loser, right?

“All this gaming is going to do you no good. “

Because at the end of the day, all your achievements are fantasy. You’ve spent hours and hours to chase something that didn’t even exist in the real world. You’ve accomplished nothing in real life.

So you go out screaming in forums, or basically wherever you can – Reddit, Facebook or rub it into your friends’ faces. You seek confirmation from them – that you’re not as incompetent as some people make you out to be. You seek affirmation in journey, that it isn’t as fruitless as society make it out to be. Every single upvote is added fuel to your parched soul.

But you still can’t shake off that feeling.

Someone out there, possibly even someone important, is going to take you for a joke.
Because come on, you live in a virtual world. You’re not a kid anymore, grow up! Your status as a gamer materializes itself in a invisible, ethereal and yet seemingly very real aura – it repels all members of the opposite sex. No one, except those with similar auras, would approach you. You’re just not one of the cool kids, man.

Maybe its the clothes you wear. Maybe its how you act. Maybe it’s how you don’t cool enough. Maybe its because of your scrawny physique; the wind could blow you over. Maybe you kinda smell.

Or maybe its just all of the above.

You’re sick and tired of people judging you. You just want to do whatever you want, and you wish people would just let you be and not mock you for taking joy in such an infantile pastime.

And the worst thing is: gamers judge other gamers. As with all matters susceptible to subjectivity, you’d never gain full acceptance from everyone, and sometimes that someone might even be family or a person you hold dear.

And that feeling sucks.

Sword Art Online - 01 - Large 01


We criticize almost everyone, putting down their efforts and actions like toilet seats. People of whom pursue a career in the arts and crafts, enlist themselves in a war you think is unnecessary, or pursue studies in less common, unorthodox fields. Or even the young women sitting in coffee shops with their pretensions of culture.

We call upon each other to stop judging – but deep down we all do.
We’re not the only ones being judged, it’s  just something our species is extremely good at – and  it is (perhaps) one of our flaws. It is within our ego that we do this; so that we may elevate ourselves from the community.

“I” becomes important.

But all this are just delusions of self importance; no moment in time is more valid than another. No goal of being or fleeting vanity of body has weight in the passage of space and time.

Judge all you want, or not; it is no less ridiculous than screaming for attention into an uncaring sky.

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3 thoughts on “Games are (not) a waste of time.

  1. There are a lot of voices out there, and in here. Sadly, it seems there are days where there is too much weight, and in a twist I slump onto the couch with Netflix. I gotta admit, it is getting harder each day to do all the things I need, plus having the energy to play games, and then somehow not be jealous of those who are able.

  2. if the situation is that bad in United States, just try to imagine how worse may be on pathetic places like here in Brazil where people have no culture at all, most persons are extremely poorly educated and for such reason most groups of people are almost wild unstead of civilized!?

    exist right now 11 recognized kind of arts in world, eletronic games are the 10th recognized kind of art, it was recognized and there are even e-sports getting more and more popular with the time, so it can’t be “child” or “loser” stuff!

    ordinary scumbags who think “nightclubs”, “alcohol”, “reality shows” and silly adolescent “crushes” are somehow more important than being part of the gamer community are exactly the ones with medieval mind who don’t deserve any kind of importance, they’re hardly better in life than you common gamer, for each Ray Brodbury christian little shit with ridiculous ideas like his, there are 10 sucesseful persons and 1 or 2 of these ones are gamers, this number will increase in the future!

    really think you cinema is superior!? tell that to the literature fans and get ready to be humiliated! = “to hell with your superficial movies”, thats is what they gonna say, the final argument they’ll gonna use and the same i usually use to people of poor culture who like to attack the gamer comunity! if someone try to offends you and your games calling you a loser just because you play games, them ask about the target favorite movie or music and when the fagot answer you just compare the sells of their favorite arts with the Call of Duty sellings, thats works a lot!

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